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Doctor Nick

FreeDoom maps still needed

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RjY said:

added some lamps and made a pull request.

Very good job! I knew we could successively turn this map into something that is fun to play. It has the potential. ;)

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I just want to comment on how I just played Phase 1 (0.10 official release), and for the first time ever, I managed to get through all of the maps. Like, from the beginning of the chapters, to the end, without needing to use IDKFA (for the keys) or IDCLEV.

That was awesome. Admittedly, I had a few quibbles here and there, but this is a MASSIVE improvement over 0.9.

Thanks :)

I'm gonna try Phase 2 next.

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In light of chungy's recent post, a lot of freedoom's maps are going to need an overhaul or replacement. I'm going to start winding down this thread, and once the already taken maps are submitted, I'm going to close it, and we'll start with a new thread so that people can start taking large chunks of the wads and develop it, similar to a megawad project.

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Sorry to say, the map I'm working on in this period will never be vanilla compatible. It is a big open area with building with many windows.

I'm not sure about finishing this map...

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