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Jim Jimmy Jim Jim Jimmy Jim Jim-Jimmm Jimroo, I Made This Cool Map Just For You-ou

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Need some green grass for the buffalo to roam.

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Ok I read that, but all I got was:

Pinchy said:

buy Jimmy.

So... I got 2 bits of string, a bottle cap, and some lint. Is that enough?

Happy early birthday Jimmy!

I played the map; what fun!

I didn't know what source port at first so I attempted to record a demo, until I reached an unusable switch in the bedroom. So I loaded it up in the ole zDoom and ran through it. I liked the effects you had in here and everything looked nice. That dual-AV trap by the end was nasty, but I got lucky in finding cover on the roof just in time. Great job on the map and I dig the C&C song (those games were awesome).

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Wow, bloody great map, Pinchy! Textures work great together here, along with that sky, and the whole "powering down" sequence is really well executed. All those little moving machines were highly amusing as well. :D

Funny, I actually used to play Command & Conquer: Red Alert a hell of a lot more than I do now. Was cool to hear that little sound bite.

Only thing I noted as being off were some imps that teleported onto the wall around the red key and couldn't move? Not a huge issue of course, heh.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! :>


I found the easter egg. Heh.

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Jimmy said:

*joyful rustling*

It's not the largest, but the most technically complex one I have built so far, so there's new types of bugs to find.

I've done an update to fix the imp problem and some small details, if anyone finds any more I'll check them out.


OpenRA allows internet play and download of C & C, Red Alert and Dune 2000. They might also have Tiberian Sun by now since all those games went open source I think.


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