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[Forum] "Reset Message" button is a landmine.

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I was writing a semi-lengthy edit to a post earlier, and when I went to click "Save Changes", I accidentally hit the "Reset Message" button and now it's gone forever. Poop.

Does anyone get any mileage out of this button? There's nothing it does that navigating away (and sometimes back) would also do, and I'd imagine it causes issues like this more often than it gets real use.

If this was instead a "Cancel" button that would just go back to the thread, then at least Chrome (and maybe other browsers; can't confirm because I'm a googletard) would let you hit the "back" button to recover the message. Probably more useful than a "irreversibly delete everything" tool. D:

tl;dr: dis bad UX; kill it

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Another problem is that it resides where "Preview Reply" should. Although after a few accidents I got used to the way things are.

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You could have Ctrl-Z'd twice to get your edits back you know. (At least in Firefox... dunno about all browsers.)

That said, you're right, it's gone now.

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