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Hexen red CD and brown CD?

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Hi guys just a quick one, I'm looking to expand my collection with a big box version of Hexen, but some I have found have a red CD as opposed to a brown one... why is this and does it bear any relevance to the rarity/quality of it?

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Nah I definitely know thats not the case, I already own a copy of hexen for PC but lost the big box, my PC disc is brown with the 'scratched' look.

(apparently when I misspell definitely, the forums thinks its a curse word.)

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Cyanosis said:

Isn't the red CD the PC version and the brown CD the PSX?

No. I got a brown CD for the PC version.

Can it simply be European vs. American version?

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Fascinating, thank you for your info.

Do you think it would effect the value at all?
Or does the market tend not to care about point of origin?

EDIT: Ok this is quite remarkable, give Hexen Big Box a search on ebay (UK) To see what I'm seeing, many of these boxes have different age ratings to the jewel case, some jewel cases don't have rating stickers at all... Does anyone have a theory on this?
According to MobyGames the explanation is that people are using european boxes and US jewel cases, but surely the chances of that are astronomically low.

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In general, probably not. Unless any of them are ultra rare or have some interesting exclusive content.

Wow, variants galore, when looking that ebay search. There's even a green CD Replay edition.

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