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Questions about the roland sc880

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I managed to get the roland sc880 soundfonts from quasar sounds and well.. What do I do with 65 sf2s compressed in a rar?

I tried viena to get them into one sf2 so I can make midi packs for wads I like to play and also share them here. But its saying something like 130 instruments loaded and 130 not being used so I aways get a sf2 that does nothing.

I need help on learning to use the patchs for midi playback and turn it into one sound bank if possible.so I can do the things mentioned above.

edit: this it where I got it http://quasarsounds.com/listing/roland-sc880-soundfonts-sf2/

I have this funny feeling I got ripped off, if true that was all me for giving no research.

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