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Creating shawn texture and stuff

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hello and welcome to another tutorial about how i cheat to make textures

step 1:
use the gradient tool to make this:

then i used white noise, and a vertical motion blur, and a soft light blend mode to make it look like this?:

then i messed with contrast and brightness to make it look less intense, and more like sheet metal. horray! this is p much a shawn texture! go decorate your shitty techbase

then, like i covered in my last tutorial, i used white/black layers with soft light to create the edges of a support texture thing, at 16, 32 and 24 wide (cause they are cool numbers imo)

this is fine but try painting on some knobbly bits for Added Interest

make color variations! (none of these are doom paletted cause i'm tired rn and can't be bothered)

try em out under the support layers and see if its also cool

remember to split them into seperate textures and not leave all 3 support in one thing because people will just use em like that and that's bad. like this:

anyway have fun and stuff. drink responsibly

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thanks ppl

so i thought those little knobbly bits were a bit shit so i did something else:

so going from here without the bolts:

then create a new layer witha gradient on each one implying an inward curve like so

Soft Light It Up (my trademark)

voila! repeat:

these are super handy for building other textures with, too. look at the e4 style textures in doom and a lot of them have support bits in, just chuck em in other textures like whatever you can't tell me what to do

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