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[Heretic] - CoolThemed Heretic - Deathmatch

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Hello people, i have made a DM heretic pack.
Basically, it was made for the stand, because i have some fan maps who use the slots till e4m4 ..around....so i needed 9 maps for the 5th episode but i wanted make my own maps with doombuilder 2.

I used the Heretic "game configuration", i have made it to be used with/without mouselook/jump (but better to not use the jump) and deathmatch mod for 2-8 people.

It's my second pack, i have made one for Hexen but the map are shorter in this one (Hexen has a lot of slow projectile too....), Heretic is more playable on large map because the dragon claw/elven wand and tome of power are really helpful so i have made those maps bigger than the hexen ones....im still a beginner in mapping, i hope it's ok!
I wanted make bigger map to make more decoration with the relief, but it's kind of hard sometimes ^^
I called it "Cool themed Heretic" because i wanted it themed and simple and fun..., like a dock with some houses, a pantheon, a castle with lava, a tomb with sand, no special relief but more simply themed....

Sorry for my english, im french....

anyway, here, the screenshots:


Hidden place

Ancient crater

Ghost docks

Doomed castle

The snail cave

The pantheon

Ancient cave



I have put some "Morph Ovum", the egg item who transform you in a chicken, but only in the maps with the lava, because this item can be unfair in dm...just transform in a chicken the guy who frag the most and let him no frag for a long time (or need to go between 2 fires lol) so the lava can finish you.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bjvuve9z96997nk/CoolThemed_Heretic_v1.11.rar
Video of the gameplay: https://youtu.be/5jmClKycgNg

If it's not a forum for other games or mod than the ones of doom, you can delete my topic (sorry then ^^ )

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