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System freeze/crash related to Hbigfont (gzdoom)

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I was trying to make a small custom pk3 for playing Descent Into Heresy for heretic. Just changing the font.

I took the dbigfont file from the ultimate torment and torture to use in it. I renamed the file Hbigfont and put it in the main directory.

When I started the game up, the menus and everything looked and worked fine. The new font was there. Out of place though since I had not adjusted the centering.

But once I start the first level, the game instantly completely freezes other than music playing in the background. In no longer responds t any input at all. Can't even alt-tab out or ctrl+alt+delete to bring up system menu. Just totally freezez and eventually goes to the winxp blue screen of death.

Worked fine in regular zdoom 2.8.

But gzdoom 1.8.6 is what I was using that causes this crash.
Before anyone tells me to update to the latest gzdoom, I simply can't. Using antiquated laptop cause that's all I have and 1.8.6 is the absolute most current version that will work for me. Already tried.

But I would like to know if it is a bug with gzdoom from that version or am I doing something wrong? Is there any way I can work around this?

Thank you.

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