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Need help with a batch file.

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I am trying to play the wrath of cronos mod along with an oblige map. I wanna play it multiplayer so I have to create a batch file. When I just drag and click all the wads and .pk3s and what not into the .exe it loads the oblige map, but when I use a batch to load all the .pk3s and .wads it loads the original map for wrath of cronos, how do I load the oblige map instead while making a .bat file?

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I'm not the best source of info on this, but I know that for certain combinations of wads/mods the order they're loaded matters. Have you tried reversing the wad/mod order?

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Load Wrath of Cronos first, then load your map replacement after it. Example:

zdoom -file woc.pk3 oblige.wad -connect [whatever]

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