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Titlepic problem

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Hi all, just pondering a little issue at the moment I'm having with making a pk3 for Doom 2 (zDoom) using Slade

Been trying for a few days to implement a custom image to replace the titlepic of the standard doom 2, I can't seem to get a gameinfo reference working nor does just importing an image and calling it TITLEPIC seem to be doing the trick.

I can't seem to find a clear guide on the settings required for importing an image (format, colour pallette etc,) and importing this isn't entirely clear from what I've found so far, especially when it comes to getting it to register. I'm at the point where I can add an image but it seems to turn grey in the editor, only for the original Doom 2 title screen to appear instead.

I'd greatly appreciate any points/hints/links to a guide I'm not currently able to locate/help on this matter.

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The following articles should help you:


So basically you need to put your TITLEPIC in a Graphics directory.

As for the image turning gray in the editor, that's because the editor doesn't know which palette to use. The images in Doom format do not store their own color information, they depend on the external palette from the PLAYPAL lump. Slade has a palette selector, and if you set the base resource archive it will use the PLAYPAL from there.

You should set the base resource archive because it is very useful generally. See this:


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Thank you very much for that, use of folders did the trick and playing around with the palette options solved the colourisation problem too!

Thanks again!

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