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POLL Clientside dead stuff

Clientside dead bodies?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Clientside dead bodies?

    • Less lag/chance of packet loss?
    • Postwar aftermath on joinup?

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1. Clientside dead stuff? This means players joining coop maps won't see all of the post war aftermath from before their point of joining, but it also means that the server is storing less info (helps with lag).

2. Post war aftermath visible on joining server(s)?

Things in the game can either be clientside or serverside meaning they are stored only on the client or server and default is both. I'm making a pretty extensive mod with a lot of things in the maps, and I am trying to cut down on lag without changing the gameplay (too much). So here the question is; Should I make all dead bodies of monsters etc clientside only? This means that when a thing dies the dead body will be displayed for all players who were in the game world when it died, but joining after they have been killed you won't see them on the ground. Each way has it's advantages, for one you'd be able to see where the most recent action is and won't feel like you missed the party when you join a server that uses the clientside method. On the otherhand... We like the violence of the aftermath.

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Yeah I got that but serversided monsters entering the end of their death states with the XXXX X -1, maybe would be better as a spawnitem clientside only

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good point... would take something special to make him still raise them I'm thinking random chance for the serverside dead or not and null out the raise state of that dead actor

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