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Custom textures getting downscaled

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I made a 128x128 texture for my custom map, but i gets downscaled into a 64x64 texture in game. I am using Slade to do this. Is there something im doing wrong, i placed the texture between P_START and P_END in Slade.

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Well, i tried doing the flat thing, but the texture turns gray or white, no matter what "game setting" i convert it into.

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waffeli said:

Well, i tried doing the flat thing,

Just to clarify - that's what you were not supposed to do. The proper format for walltextures is "Graphic (Doom)" aka "Doom Gfx (Paletted)".

How does the texture definition look in your TEXTURE1 when you open it? Did you even add it to TEXTURE1 in the first place?


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