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General Rainbow Bacon


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New, quite difficult map. Trying to do more detailing and make maps with more cohesive thought. Hope you enjoy it. As always, demos welcome.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yb4fbb322gcjc0v/CrashnBurn%282%29.wad

Changed sky texture and a couple of other things. Redownload.

This is boom compatible.

EDIT: Fixed the skill settings with the yk and teleports and changed the sky again.

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Yay! Crash n' Burn!

Just to point out: The map is broken on HMP without the yellow key and the teleport destinations. Apart from that, I liked the layout, the NIN song and how you created different settings despite the small number of areas. Overall it's fun!

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Hitscanner usage is annoying -- lots of random chaingunners you can hardly see. Map isn't particularly hard otherwise, but a lot more fun elsewhere.

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FDA. I liked the map, though it might have been better if the later parts of the map were even harder than the earlier parts, not easier (as they were in my view).

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