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3DO Baron monster

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HavoX said:

Heh, they're still too easy for me (and that's with the -fast parameter!) :P

Well he always was just a big, dumb imp.

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Piper Maru said:

Are those barons wearing cyberdemon masks?

lol basically. In hell, every day is halloween.

Jaxxoon R said:

Where are his stylish ripped jeans?

I sorta made him as a base critter that can be expanded on later. Might add more details when I feel like it.

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Doomhuntress said:

i feel like i've heard those grunts before... alt.wad?

Yeah, they're from the ALT mancubus, which I credited in the file. I always wondered where they got the sounds for that mod. I even made a personal mod that just changes the sounds to ALT's for variety's sake.

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