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Welcome to 32in24-15: DWANGO UNCHAINED

This is a DEATHMATCH 32in24, with a rough theme of THE MOVIES. Give your maps stupid names that reflect some sort of movie I guess!


What is 32in24 for those who have never heard of it?

We make 32 Doom 2 maps in 24 hours. We get together, have a good time, and compile them. Most of the time there are more than 32 maps too. Any mapper can contribute and learn. Don't be shy. These are speed maps, and the process is designed to give you feedback and allow you to grow and progress in your skills.

This is the fifteenth numbered iteration in the series, and we've hosted other events as well. Anyone can feel free to join us on IRC at #32in24 in the OFTC.net server, where the mappers chat about their process.

If you are a mapper for this session and are interested in livestreaming your mapping process, some people from other communities have shown interest in seeing what it's like to make a Doom Map! Let us know if you'd like to host a live stream and we'll get the buzz up.



We will not be issuing a texture pack for the first day of mapping. Just do rough layouts. Textures and additional rules will be coming (this is by design and totally not improvised, really,) so for now just focus on getting a quick and dirty map out! There will be time to make it pretty later.

- Mappers will have 24 hours to make a playable version of their map for compilation in the wad. Submit as many maps as you'd like, but they must be in a PLAYABLE STATE for the first run through. You will have a chance to revisit them after play testing in a second 24 hour period in exactly one week!
- No outside resources! We will add a texture pack later on for you to play with.
- All completed maps should be posted in this thread with a URL, the map's name and the music desired linked. Make sure all maps play on MAP01, and link the midi file seperate from the wad, makes the compiler's life easier.
- All of the maps MUST HAVE MOVIE RELATED NAMES. Terrible puns encouraged.
- The maps must all be in BOOM FORMAT. They will be played in all sourceports.
- The maps should be a suitable size for 4-8 players but should have at least 16 starts for the large sessions.
- Please delete the 3D starts.
- Don't include excessive floor bumps or wall snags, smooth play is more important than beauty. But we still like beauty.
- Map Rotation - We're going to try to showcase the most smoothly playing maps earlier in the wad, as graded by our testers, but also may mix things up by visual style, map size, etc, as well, just in the hopes of making it an interesting playing experience all throughout the rotation. Joke maps will probably be put at or near the end. If we get more than 32 maps and your map is above 32, that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. Hopefully our testing will ensure that all of the maps play great and you'll make changes in the second session that will bring it on par with the greats.
- Be a good guy and don't revise in the middle of the week if you can help it. Wait for the feedback to come in and the next session to start!
- Have fun!

Also feel free to join us in #32in24 on OFTC. IRC still exists guys!


RESOURCE WAD IS GO! (Download here)

Courtesy of Esselfortium and The Green Herring. Bunch of new stuff compared to 14's texture pack, including some vegetation, some new city textures, and notably a slew of Dark Forces textures just in time for the release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

There is also a placeholder billboard texture (BILLBORD) for use in providing the wad compilers with a spot in which to place said billboard! When detailing your map please add one or two of these placeholders for us to eventually slot an appropriate board into.

Technically the detailing should be mostly finished today, but given that we got a ton of maps this time and Dew hasn't had time to give proper info on changes to everyone, nor have we gotten much testing in, we'll be extending this session to at least next Sunday. Just so we have a chance to get everything playing smoothly.

Also keep contributing billboards!

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Man I'm glad this is a DM session this time around. I can crap those out pretty quick, and I'm pretty swamped this week :P


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Map in 24 hours? Not a problem.

- No outside resources! We will add a texture pack later on for you to play with.

ermmmnnn... okay? =\

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Jaxxoon R said:

What's this mean.

These things. As the link says, ZDoom just gave them a self-destructing actor so they'd be ignored.

In Eternity they appear as a floating, translucent error marker. In most ports, and in vanilla, attempting to spawn an unknown thing will cause the game to abort.

Some people just remove all spawn flags from the 3D camera position, so that regardless of skill setting it'll never appear. If the game doesn't try to spawn them, then it doesn't matter that they exist or not.

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Oh now I remember. Yeah, GZDoom Builder did away with those things entirely so I haven't had to deal with them for quite a while.

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Getsu Fune said:

so if they're movie related does that mean our lev titles can be quotes too?

There's one rule to rule bending: it needs to be good.

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Gentlepoke said:

The map seems to use textures from outside the default set.

Well, if you read what I put then you'd find that I said it uses parts of a map I was making previously. To replace the whole textures used would be a bit of a chore and I don't have time. I only had about half an hour including the time to put the new layout to connect the two sections I used.

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The unnamed layout is cool, don't ditch that. Actually, I don't see issues with it! Maybe make the upper RL hallway wider, that's just awkwardly narrow. I can see some ways how to abuse the staircases and verticality - but that's actually not a bad sign. FFA without spam/spawnabuse is missing half the fun.

You do have too many spawn points in there, imo - especially the ones that are very close together. RL+BFG+PG spam there would be pretty brit10-ish. I'd probably get rid of at least one RL, they're almost a regular weapon, which is not preferable in FFAs either. I'd also make the BFG accessible with a trick trigger, like so. Also those "flipper" platforms around the BFG hole are inaccessible - I can understand why, but do put a fence on them or whatever, I expect to land on then with a jump, heh. Kill the backpack. Make nukage corrosive. I'd say we'll talk about placement some more over the next week, this is already more indepth than I wanted.

GOOD USAGE OF STAIRS OUT OF THE BFG PIT, THIS IS HOW YOU MAKE STAIRS IN DM, PEOPLE. Although I'd probably make them even more half-circular. :P

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