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Hitman Blood Money: The Movie **OUT NOW**

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Please give it a watch, I and many other people have worked really hard on it. Cheers


Fans of the Hitman games: I think I have a nice little treat for you guys.

First, some backstory:

I discovered a neat little short called "Curtain Call" based on the second level of Blood Money, it was made by a guy called Hayden Vartianian and he used a free camera mod to make it. I instantly fell in love with this short and after several viewings I decided to give it a go myself, so I had a go at the level "A New Life" and the result was this.

While I was making this short I had a cool idea to start a community project on Hitman Forum where anyone who wanted to participate would pick a level from the game and make a short based on it. Once all of these shorts are completed I'd put them all into one big movie, complete with cutscenes from the game. Currently 5 of the 11 shorts are finished and 4 more are currently in production.

As we near the end of our project it becomes more and more important that we spread the word about it around the internet and share it with friends and family so our efforts are made known outside of Hitman Forum and the participants' subscriber base. This is why I'm here talking about it with you today. We've all poured our heart and soul into this project and it'd be unfortunate if we couldn't share our work with as many people as possible.

Please, like, share and follow the project's Facebook and Twiter pages, as well as checking out the project's thread on Hitman Forum and checking out the trailers for the movie and if you want to see them before release, the currently completed videos in this playlist

Thank you.

Teaser trailer 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhDPxRprnr8

Teaser trailer 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heELtYtN8zM

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