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Ancient EviL

Custom Ambient Sounds

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I'm curious as how to make add custom ambient sounds in Gzdoom Builder. I can place a custom ambient sound marker in the map, but how do I actually make the custom sound? Do I use Slade or am I missing something in Gzdoom most likely a script I assume? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ancient EviL said:

how do I actually make the custom sound? Do I use Slade


First, you will need a SNDINFO lump. Let's suppose you're using a standard Doom sound as your custom ambient sound, such as a zombie pain cry (DSPOPAIN).

The SNDINFO will contain something like this:

ambient/zombiepain DSPOPAIN
Now let's make it an ambient sound. There are several ways you can go around to make one; we'll use the SNDINFO-based one.

The SNDINFO now looks like this:
ambient/zombiepain DSPOPAIN
$ambient 1 ambient/zombiepain point random 2.0 10.0 0.5
The zombie moan will be heard, faintly, every two-to-ten seconds, near any ambient sound marker.

Now you can save the wad and edit the map. Place some sound markers (editor number 14001; or editor number 14065 with arg0 set to 1).

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Thank you for your help! Now how do I program a custom made sound that doesn't have a preset name, like if I wanted to put a non-Doom sound in the game, how do I go about that? Because for the zombie sound it is zombiepain and DSPOPAIN, but how do I go about naming and adding a non-predefined sound? Thanks again.

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Then just replace the word "DSPOPAIN" in Gez's example with the actual name of the sound lump you have in your wad, for example "ABCDEFGH" or whatever you have, and replace the word "ambient/zombiepain" with any text string you want, for example "xyz" or whatever you want. This is exactly what SNDINFO is for, allowing to define custom sounds.

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