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Five Centuries Ahaed: A misleadingly normal-looking map

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(is also on idgames but I accidentally uplaoded a version with visual glitch there)

This map requires ZDoom.

What will happen when you travel to the future and face the new world you're unaccustomed to?

This is defitinely a hard if not impissible map without the correct approach, and the correct approach is very out of the box. You may need to pretend it's not doom, or maybe even that it's not even a game though that might be 2deep4u.

Here's a picture so no one feels scammed.

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walter confalonieri said:

i played it yesterday the /idgames version, is a nice map imo, but more ammo and health will be better...

If you managed to beat the map while simultaneously missing the point, then maybe I should have included less ammo...

The intended way to beat this map is to find out

scifista42 said:

What exactly does all the custom DECORATE really do?

Gentlepoke apparently solved this gimmick, you can do it too!


Stop looking for hints, play the mod and try to figure it out yourself!


This spoiler only contains a hint anyway


Edge's infamous Doom review

I may post some more details, descriptions and whatnot after enough people puzzle themselves.

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So, uh... the point of the mod is


that the monsters lost their balls (so to speak) during their 500-year "holiday" on Earth?

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RaphaelMode said:

(is also on idgames but I accidentally uplaoded a version with visual glitch there)

You may upload a fixed version to /idgames (with an upload verification email sent ahead of time) and it will be accepted without a problem. :) It doesn't have to stay glitched forever.

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