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Captain Red


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I've been working on a boomdeh patch for zdoom to make doom a little more like PSX doom. So far, I have slowed the reverent's movements, and changed the archvile into a nightmare specter, but I'm stuck on two things:

1. I can't figure out how to make the Chaingun guy and spidermastermind make the pistol / chaingun noise and

2. I also can't finger out how the hell (if it's even possible) to make the blue health flasks and amour give 2% health instead of just 1%

also, if there's anything I'm forgetting from psx doom please let me know.

PS if there's an idiot proof tutorial on *.bex files, aside from the boomdeh.txt that's shipped with doom, it would be helpful


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For the health and armour bonus, I know two ways, with your level editor put two items in the exact position, or being a coder.

For the pistol sound, the best way is changing with Dehacked the codepointer that make the monster fire a shotgun blast, with the former human codepinter that make him fire a pistol.
With that the Heavy Weapon Dude will attack like a REAL chainguner instead of a "super" chainguner like the Spider Mastermaind.

There is a list of all the code pointers in some place of this site.

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Ct_red_pants said:

the boomdeh.txt that's shipped with doom


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Seeing as how this is for Zdoom, the latest version of that does allow setting different sounds for the SSGuy, ChainGuy and Spider using the Sndinfo lump

These are the entries you need to use, but they will only work with the latest Zdoom version.


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