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WOOO 3: Too Good For The Mappers That Made It

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Alright, it came to my attention that this came out as more of a hot mess than I intended so why not capitalize on this!

Welcome to:

WOOO 3: Too Good For The Mappers That Made It (How original)

What is WOOO you ask? WOOO is the wad the world never needed and was not the one it deserves. It is a "jokewad" (very loose term there) where the people involved make either intentionally terrible maps or just otherworldly bizarre maps that should never have seen the light of day.

In other words, we make fucking shit and call it a map.

You can submit a map in any format, with any theme, with any quality (preferably low quality), any custom textures (unless you give me the entirety of the CC4 or Gothic texture packs, seriously stop doing that), custom music (just make sure you didn't steal that copyrighted .mp3 so I don't get fucked for it, ya prick)...

The possibilities are endless as you embark on a crusade to rid the world of common sense!

You were born to WOOO soldier!

Quick rules:

- If anyone submits a Terry wad I will bury them alive in memes (is that much cancer worth it?).
- I will take a Trap Wad if it at least have some crazy gameplay and if the payload is some insane shit and if it can actually be completed (ooh, how risky).
- No pirated shit, I don't want no IWADs or no Disney MP3 files ect...
- For the love of the god of mother fuck please add an exit to your maps, pretty please?
- You can submit as much as you want within reason, just don't submit 20+ maps of 2 cyberdemons one room (save it for the shock sites).

OFFICIAL WOOO TEXTURE PACK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q1cls8727b7y3v7/wooo3start.wad (Thanks for the fix Walter)

Maps so far:

Compilation (courtesy of Jaxxoon R): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/161031419/WOOO3.pk3

Circle of Scum - mrthejoshmon (me BTW)
Dumbstein - Dumbrot - CWolfRu
Comphell - Chaingunner
4giv4sin - Doomkid
I have no clue about the title - NinjaLiquidator
Vomit Scarf worn by Princess Crappydude - AnonimVio
Download - RaphaelMode
This shit ain't big enough for the both of us - Inkie
Bold and Brash - Gothic
Ding Dong whatever - Jenkemlover666
Demonito Barrelito - Vanger_ru
...or something! (DIRTY.wad IMPROVED) - Jenkemlover666 and walter confalonieri
Fucking Bubsy, god help us all (Still to be used or not Jax?) - Jaxxoon R (Unless he wants out)
A tribute to the cult classic we're better than (yes I am going with that as the title) - Scypek2
I wish my father wasn't homosexual slaughtermap lover - AnonimVio
Map That I Might Have Playtested (Still to be used also, Jax?) - Jaxxoon R

The Odessa Catacombs
- Surreily
Nuke Claire Plant - Squadallah
DEC28 - schwerpunk
Ultimate Entryway In Crushers Overuse - walter confalonieri
You Know What, I can't Take This.wad - Doomkid
A day in the life of Anita Jackson trilogy - RaphaelMode
The Man Of Many Faces (BTW: It's most definitely not a very bad idea to play this when you're high. - Skypek2
Avalon - dobu gabu maru
lol - joe-ilya
Silent Hill - Jaxxoon R
ANIME HIVE - Jaxxoon R
Mushie Mushie - Noiser
Doorway to Doorwhere - dobu gabu maru
Final Showdown for ending all the battle you made so far against Jewish Tokyo vegan strawberry ravioli from autistic Japanese late 90s fashion hell - walter confalonieri

Old OP that is pointless and has no purpose being here as it is from a dead project:


Forgive Us Romero...

...For we have sinned!

This is a project that aims to commit the various mapping sins the Doom community has grown to despise, the mapping tropes we hate, the designs new mappers lust for...

Are you ready to eat the forbidden fruit?


This is a crappy little project for Doom 2, the format should be Boom (but I will accept Limit Removing) and should be a small selection of maps, nothing much more.

The catch is to make actual maps out of your sins, they don't have to be good maps but they need to at least try (I.E not a single STARTAN room with a cyber in it). Custom textures and music are allowed if you tell me where you got them from (just don't use an entire texture pack for one brick texture)

If you need sins to work from, try this thread (that I took the inspiration for this from): https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/84979-mapping-sins/

Or perhaps I could offer a few sins as guidance:

- Tight corridors with awkward gameplay
- Basic designs reminiscent of the 90's era
- Tech-base with all of the computers in the fucking world
- Vast empty nothingness
- Arena fights
- Revenant monster closets
- Evil death traps
- Damaging liquid mazes
- Crates, all the place, all the time
- Overuse of High damage enemies
Basically shit to annoy people.

Here is my sin, a Dead Simple clone with the addition of some of the most despised enemies that is symmetrical AND barren in the detail department:

Circle of Scum

All it needs is an Archvile somewhere...

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Crimson Dusk said:

So this is basically a deliberate shitty map collection?

Yes and no.

You can indeed make good maps out of these concepts for sure.

I can't though.

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"Sheer Poison" is an example of a good level that might have fit well in this project. To paraphrase the author, he intentionally broke as many mapping rules as possible, but all of those decisions actually came together to create a unique playing experience.

However, if it's just going to be a bunch of obnoxious square arenas with too many revenants, I think I'll pass on playing the end result.

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all custom music in this project should be horribly fitting pop MIDIs and/or just plain bad MIDIs of songs in general. and classic. and some jazz MIDIs too. unfortunately i don't have any garbage i can think of to submit to this.

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My map:


First time I did slaughter map :) Its Boom compatible. Requires some cchest4 textures. Ugly but fun and easy. Detailing and music selection will be done in update. Test only gameplay please.

Compatibility issues with PrBoom. Zdoom works fine. But it SHOULD work with PrBoom. I dont get why no. Conveyors and all the extra stuff is not working in PrBoom Also generalized actions dont work. So I replaced them with normal. I guess something should be changed in setting. Dont know what.
In 2.5.0 it works fine. Somebody help please. I guess it will be just some shit.

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Sinful Enough? (cl 9)

It contains two maps, titles and stuff will came soon...

imbored.wad: a thing i maade for the cacowards "are you bored? make ma map" thing, but going wrong for some reason... you need to run here

deleteme.wad: What breezep said:

Breezeep said:

IMO a "Forgive us, Suitepee" Project would be better than this.

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... Well, today is a good day to make so BAAAAD (as Power Glove, heheh) map, I guess.
Sign me in.

Oh, almost forgot. Can I add .OGG-music into map or midi only allowed?

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So I have played through the submitted maps so far...

Holy fuck what a mess, it is just what I asked for.

Although after trudging through that, I do think that this would be much better off as a jokewad than what I intended at the start (which was just a regular project with some odd restrictions... Oh who am I kidding: retarded restrictions).

So what I am thinking is we just lift the restrictions, go bat shit balls to the wall crazy and just call it WOOO 3 perhaps?

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mrthejoshmon said:

So what I am thinking is we just lift the restrictions, go bat shit balls to the wall crazy and just call it WOOO 3 perhaps?

There you go

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mrthejoshmon said:

Holy fuck what a mess, it is just what I asked for.

You're welcome sir. Enjoy the product as much as your stomach can take extremal stress.

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mrthejoshmon said:

So what I am thinking is we just lift the restrictions, go bat shit balls to the wall crazy and just call it WOOO 3 perhaps?

Sugoi! But do we stay with Boom format then or do we use ZDoom like WOOO 1/2?

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