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Wad Project: Phobos Echoes

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GZDoom: Works
Zandorwhatever: Works usually

Phase 1: Internal Alpha
Maps: 12 (13 if you count the first one that ends instantly for intermission purposes.)
Difficulty Available: 1/2 Currently

This is my first Map since the 90's. So expect ugliness...


Story: Between the events of D1/D2 the orbit of Phobos has prematurely decayed. Scientists on the Martian colony have predicted that the satellite could break into the planet within weeks! There is no doubt that the demons are involved. The destruction from Phobos would not only obliterate expensive UAC property but destroy the survivors from the colonies left behind. It is up to you - the leader of Echo Squadron - to land on this doomed moon and reach the gravity wells deep within the moon’s molten core. You will trek through areas of Phobos - new and old - in order to stop it from colliding into Mars and bankrupting your employer.

Style: I really want to keep with the Doom1/2 style of map making. No fancy textures, high end details and physics beyond the original engine. Staying nostalgic is a primary goal. I might add some new monsters that are from other mods for fun. Just need to figure it out first. I am looking at you Skulltag monsters!

Concept: I chose Phobos as a setting because it was my favorite episode. There will be parts of the campaign where you revisit some of the classic levels but for the most part it will be underground/outside and in new facilities. The last leg of the campaign will progress deeper into the moon. You will encounter an ancient labyrinth and venture into more and more hotter/hellish cave like environments.

Utilities: I am using GZ Doom Builder 2 with wad support for new monsters.

Gameplay: Ill have coop but I don’t expect a lot of people to play this since it is an old game and my map making skills are no where near everyone else’s on this forum. As long as I could make maps that look or resemble like id’s classic maps I will be happy. It really is more for my self than anything else. I also have 12 levels planned at this time. I know exactly what I am going to do for each of them. Just need to do the mapping. I also plan to add randomized encounters as well to keep things fresher. Not sure how to do it yet, but I want to add a %chance for things to spawn.

Also I know a lot of people enjoy Brutal Doom and related mods. This wad will probably not work since I will have actors/things from other resources. There seems to be this attitude from the younger doomers, that it must be Brutal compatible or get out!

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Your attitude sounds much like mine in the terms of how you view your mapping. I'd love to take a look at your map(s). I'll keep a watch for you to post it and try and squeeze in a quick play. Perhaps some screenshot-teasers in the mean-time?

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One picture is better than (a literal wall of) thousand words. If you just write about making your project, it isn't going to make a lot of people interested in it, after all. Would you show any screenshots of your recent work on this project? :)

Zemini said:

There seems to be this attitude from the younger doomers, that it must be Brutal compatible or get out!

This really doesn't apply to most people here on Doomworld. Don't be concerned about it.

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It's fun to make your wad discreetly incompatible with it just to annoy people.

Anyways, I'll happily play anything you end up making. My first maps I made when I was about 9/10 way back in 2001 are also long lost, I'd love to see them again, I think any mapper who's been at it for years probably has a few of those. :)

As Scifista said, screenshots are always nice to see!

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