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Which ports implement Fraggle's BFG11K?

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I ran across a post by fraggle describing the BFG11K edit he did for SMMU, and it's rather neat. Naturally, SMMU and Eternity both have it, but are there any other ports that have snuck in the behavior?

Presumably it can be emulated in ZDoom via mucking with A_BFGSpray's parameters and adding a hacky damagetype-based A_Explode, but I'm somewhat dismayed that it's not easier to do at present. Might be worth Xaserhacking in some source additions to suit. :P

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The bouncy BFG and BFG 11K code from SMMU can probably be adapted to ZDoom, under the same licensing conditions as the FraggleScript code. (I remember Fraggle saying these terms applied to the entire SMMU codebase, not just FraggleScript; though of course it wouldn't hurt to ask him directly to confirm.)

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