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Creating an always present dynamic torch

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I'm creating a torch, to be displayed on the left on the HUD, like Doomguy™'s holding it in his hand. Now I don't really know the best way to tackle this problem with how I want it to look and behave. I've looked at both creating a custom weapon and/or using DrawImage command to display it, but I need some help how to best approach this.

This is what I want:

  • The sprite should be on the left side and always present, even if the player has a weapon equipped.

  • It's not controlled at all by the player, but should still do a regular weapon select/deselect animation when a script tells it to.

  • I want it to bob left and right just like a weapon when the player moves.

  • It should have a few animation frames that's cycling. However, the flame itself should be a completely separate sprite that follows the torch bobbing.

  • The flame should be transparent and animated and it's size should be reduced with scripts to simulate how much is left of it.
The torch doesn't need to emit light though, that's done elsewhere.

The best way would be to have it be a Decorate, but I don't think those can be drawn on the HUD, so any help on how to approach this is very appreciated.

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That's quite a complex task, I think it's outside of possibilities of both DECORATE and SBARINFO. So I recommend to use SetFont + HudMessage to display the torch graphics, and code its animation and bobbing behaviour in ACS.

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Yea, it's not easy. Especially since I'm still learning about scripting. That's why I want as much info as possible before starting.

Btw, is there a wad out there with a custom HUD made in ACS instead of SBARINFO? Maybe that could give some insight.

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