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Doom: The Story

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I'm bored, so I thought I'd try something that might spice things up a little bit.

In this thread, we will each contribute a little bit to what is going to essentially be a community fan fiction story about Doom. Since the actual game doesn't really have much in the way of a plot or story, we are going to make one up. Contributions can be long or short, but the idea is to continue on from where the last person's part of the story ended. You can "reserve" a spot by making a post that says something along the lines of "Reserved". You will then have one hour to contribute something or someone else can continue on with the story. Quality can range from "crap" to "outstanding", but most importantly, the story MUST remain on-topic in regards to Doom. (If there is any sex, please try to keep things tasteful. DoomGuy having consensual sex with an Imp or Cacodemon is OK, but rape is not.)

And since I started this, I will begin:

Chapter One: The Beginning

He woke up in his bunk, startled awake by the rumbling of the UAC Phobos' thrusters braking their acceleration. They were due to arrive at Mars in 45 more minutes in order to assist with establishing order after an experiment had gone wrong in some way. Something about things from Hell. It sounded like nonsense to him.

His name, well, his name doesn't matter. These days he goes by the handle of DoomGuy; it's been over a decade since he has heard either his real first name, or his last name. Officially, he doesn't exist. But he does exist, at least to his four year old son, Jacob, and his 4 month old daughter, Susan. And of course, his loving wife, Annabelle, to whom he had been married for 14 years, and she had helped him so much, through the good times and the bad. He remembers with great pride, when his children were born, healthy and full of life.

He steps into the transportation room, where he meets up with his squad. To his Marines (when others are watching), he is "Sergeant", but when they are alone, he allows them to call him "DoomGuy". Among them, this is a sign of respect. He briefly inspects them to make sure their uniforms, armor, weapons, and gear are all squared away, then orders them to step onto the pads. DoomGuy then sets the coordinates, hits the 20 second timer, and hops onto his pad.

Before they can blink, they have arrived at their destination: UAC Labs, but something is wrong. Almost immediately, they hear a hissing noise and Private Nichols starts screaming, "GAS! GAS! GAS!" By the time they realized what was going on, it was too late for them to do anything. DoomGuy's vision blurred, and he felt his body go numb. Within seconds, he was out like a light.

When DoomGuy came to, he found himself strapped to a table. There was a doctor looming over him, smiling, and holding a syringe with a neon orange liquid inside of it. "I see that you have awoken from your slumber, my friend! Today is a great day! A wonderful day! Your DNA has been sequenced, and you have been chosen for a great honor! You will be the one to defend us from the monsters!"

"What monsters?" DoomGuy asks, nervously, "The report didn't say anything specific about that."

"The monsters, my friend, are us. It is only a matter of hours before I succumb to the infection, but it is my dying wish to clean up this mess that I have created."

And with that, he slid the needle into DoomGuy's chest and injected the serum directly into his heart.

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Both Doomguy, and the Syringe felt new, strong emotions blossom forth. Doomguy never believed in love at first sight, but this Syringe would prove that there's a first for everything. The Syringe realized this as well. They had so much in common. They shared a love of injecting themselves into other people's organs, and enjoyed long, sharp objects.

They could be happy together.

It must have been magic in the air, because as they locked eyes, they knew what needed to happen. Doomguy nodded, and the 100% tasteful and consensual sex was ready to commence.
Still lodged in his heart, the syringe began to slowly thrust in and out of Doomguy's chest, ripping apart several major arteries. But Doomguy didn't care. It felt too good. He needed utter but a single phrase: "UNGFF", and the Syringe sped up.

As the Syringe plunged harder and further into Doomguy's torso orifice, it began to prematurely squirt its serum into his heart. The Syringe was close to finishing it's sensual journey, and it could sense that Doomguy was too.

Doomguy started losing the feeling in his arms and legs, either from pleasure, or severe blood loss. But it couldn't stop now. They had to finish what they had begun. The thrusting picked up pace to nuclear speed, Doomguy's heart having been punctured in at least 15 sensual spots. The Syringe let out a monstrous squirt as it released its serum into his chest, filling all of the cavities with its orange fluid.
Doomguy reached his peak. His heart began to spasm uncontrollably, experiencing a tasteful and consensual orgasm harder than any other. However, he quickly realized that his heart's "orgasms" were in fact him going into cardiac arrest and experiencing severe heart palpitations.

Shortly after, Doomguy had sadly passed away from the ordeal, leaving humanity without any hero.

That is, until the greatest marine alive emerged from the dark, and mildly damp shadows of the base. His name was "Super 'Marine' Samuel".

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"Super 'Marine' Samuel" was no ordinary Marine. Unlike most Marines, he could score upwards of 4,000 points on his PT test, using the extended scale. Marine could do 942 pushups, 1,143 situps, 853 pullups, and run 10 miles in 9 minutes. And when you looked at him, you could see muscles rippling under his skin, even when he was motionless. Women and men craved his penis. He made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a pussy, and before joining the Space Marine Corps, he was the President of the USA.

As he looked at Doomguy, he felt an emotion, for the first time in his life... anger. When his gaze came upon the doctor that had done this to him, he said the words that would forever seal his fate: "I'm cookin with gas! I've gotta handful of vertebrae and a headful of mad! Yeah, that's your spinal cord, baby! Dig it! Who's the man? I'm the man! I'm a bad man! How bad? Real bad! I'm a 12.0 on the 10.0 scale of badness! Don't need a gun... guns are for wusses!"

edit: Oops, I accidentally posted this in the Creative Works forum. I was kinda hoping that people who were creative would contribute to this sort of thing. LOL. My bad. LOL. My mistake... uh, ROFL?

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But the doctor didn't care. He was overcome with libido from staring at the muscular, perfect figure that stood before him. Super "Marine" Samuel's fury only grew as the doctor started to urinate himself and moan softly. He leapt at the doctor and pinned him against the cold metal walls of the UAC infirmary. The young doctor was trembling, but still moaning uncontrolably. That's when Samuel removed his helmet and revealed who he was all along: Marty Stratton.
Marty began to tell him in excruciating detail about Doom 4's lackluster mod support, SnapMap and it's features. The poor doc's expression changed from pleasure to one of endless agony and terror. When Marty was through with his speech, he handed the doc a crumbled piece of paper. The doc unfolded the paper and saw only the name of a website writen on it: "Doomworld.com"
When he looked up the room was empty. He was alone. His pants wet with urine and semen, his hands trembling, and sweating bullets, he decided to go home. He went to the website that was written on the paper. He didn't understand what it was about, so he made a post about huffing doodoo to get high.

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