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Revolution! MIDI Pack project (COMPLETE! Also a surprise on page 10)

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Here's another musical project! Because we haven't had one in ages. This time around we're composing a megawad's worth of original music for Revolution!, aka TVR!.

If you are not familiar with the megawad, I highly recommend it. It features heavily creative map design from the brilliant Thomas van der Velden, whom you might be familiar with if you enjoyed Harmony (and you might be aware that I later composed an entirely new soundtrack for it).

Download Revolution! MIDI Pack (Final release.)
/idgames mirror

Download TV1998 MIDI Pack (Alternate cut for TV1998!)

Old Downloads:
Download Revolution! MIDI Pack beta (Includes all music, and both below files.)
Download Revolution! MIDI Pack alpha
Download T.V.'s TVRmap33.zip! (included: a new MAP33, new TITLEPIC, and ZDoom MAPINFO for new map and intermission texts)

All tracks are included in beta.

Tracks included in alpha:


Title: "Tzimidzi Greets You" by CWolfRu and Jimmy
Intermission: "Imp's Tradition" by DoomLover234 and Jimmy
02. "Trash" by Alfonzo
04. "Westopolis" by Doomhuntress
05. "Last Resort" by Jimmy
06. "Wasted" [WIP] by Doomkid
08. "Hangar 7" by Jimmy
09. "Phalarope Shuffle" by yakfak
10. "Mint Petal" by Doomhuntress
11. "Smooth Infiltrator" [WIP] by Kassman
12. "Midnight Dinner" by CWolfRu and Jimmy
14. "Super Mecha HG" [WIP] by Hellish Godzilla
15. "Sappers & Moles" by yakfak
16. "The Revenant" by KevinHEZ
17. "Mining for Paranoia" [WIP] by Akse
20. "Black Colossus" [WIP] by Hellish Godzilla
23. "Ancient Enclosure" by Doomhuntress
24. "Beneath the Stars" by Eris Falling
26. "Reach Within" by Jimmy
28. "I Sacrifice" [WIP] by Hellish Godzilla
29. "Souls Trapped Between Rotten Bricks" by ClumsyDoomer
* 21 tracks total.

The MIDI List:
View all completed tracks
All MIDIs will be reuploaded to a more permanent space here for ease of access.

Further links:

Get TVR! here!
Revolution! on /idgames

The mapset was played by the Doomworld Megawad Club. Head on over to this thread for color commentary on the levels it contains.
The DWmegawad Club plays: Revolution!

Refer to the Plutonia MIDI Pack project thread for how things went for that one!
Project thread / Get it from /idgames

Join us on #doommusicians on the OFTC network!
OFTC webchat

How this works:

Anyone who is musically-inclined and at all interested in working on this project may post in this thread, claiming whichever TVR! map(s) they'd like to compose something for. We need 36 unique tracks in total - this includes tracks for all 33 maps*, plus 3 for the title/intermission/story text screens. You can claim however many track slots you'd like (within reason), but this won't necessarily exclude others from creating tracks for the same map - in the case of two tracks being made for the same slot, I'll be picking the best-fitting one and most likely reallocating the other (rather than discarding it). On completion of the track you create for that slot, that slot will be solidified, barring any changes made to the roster during the "beta testing" phase. You may abandon your slot or exchange slots if you please.

The final product will be a sort of "MIDI album" - a zipped archive of MIDIs, named and credited to their respective creators, complete with a TXT file and, most importantly, a WAD that can be loaded to replace the music. It will be uploaded to /idgames - and the text file will permit the reuse of the tracks in order that the pack may serve as a complete resource of music for the Doom community.

We may see an overflow of tracks, as this happened before with Plutonia MIDI Pack, but fear not, all tracks pushed to the overflow will still get included in the final upload even if they don't find their way into the WAD itself to be played in-game.

In keeping with what I did last time as well, abandoned/unfinished tracks may get included in the final upload .zip - but please make sure that, if you do decide to abandon a track, you make it clear to me what you want done with it. It's totally up to you whether to "withdraw" said track from this project, and whether you want to use it in a project of your own instead - at which point I'll be happy to clear your slot and discount the track from the final upload.

On with the show!

  • The tracks must fit their respective maps as though they were written for that map specifically back when TVR! was being created. This is paramount.
  • Be sure to play the map(s) you claim first, to get inspiration. If necessary, load up the map, turn the music off, and just hum to yourself as you play it, then get any ideas you get down into a dictaphone, onto paper or into a MIDI editor.
  • Give your music track a name. Doesn't have to be terribly original, but I must ask that your track not be untitled.
  • You are allowed to simply remix the track used in the original map, but this is not recommended.
  • You are allowed to collaborate with other musicians on any particular track.
  • You are allowed to submit old (but yet-unused!) MIDIs of your own to the project.
  • Tracks shouldn't be too long or too short. Try to find a middle ground. The original Doom's songs never lasted more than 5 minutes. Some of them, meanwhile, lasted less than sixty seconds - perhaps a minute should be the minimum length of your track.
  • Keep controller event count sensible. Unless you're using a MIDI editor which completely bloats your tracks, this should be fairly simple to adhere to, but it's here for technical reasons - Vanilla Doom has a 96kb limit on MIDI files, and won't play them if they exceed that. Be sure to prune any unnecessary controller events, or hand the tracks to me if your editor doesn't do that easily.

Completion Report:
[   ] = empty, claimable slot
[ ~ ] = slot claimed / track unfinished
[ x ] = completed slot

Overall progress:   36/36   [[ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]]


Episode 1: (11/11 done)

 x MAP01: Carnivorous Cargo	-- "Freighthoppers" [Jimmy]
 x MAP02: Depression		-- "Trash" [Alfonzo]
 x MAP03: Infestation		-- "Bystreet" [Akse & Jimmy]
 x MAP04: Phobopolis		-- "Westopolis" [Viscra Maelstrom]
 x MAP05: R 'n' R		-- "Last Resort" [Jimmy]
 x MAP06: Wasted!		-- "Wasted" [Doomkid]
 x MAP07: The Valley of Death	-- "Forgotten Valley" [Icytux]
 x MAP08: Rockit		-- "Hangar 7" [Jimmy]
 x MAP09: Wrath of Man		-- "Phalarope Shuffle" [yakfak]
 x MAP10: Lab of the Lost	-- "Mint Petal" [Viscra Maelstrom]
 x MAP11: The Transporter	-- "Smooth Infiltrator" [Kassman & Jimmy]

Episode 2: (9/9 done)

 x MAP12: Utopia		-- "Midnight Dinner" [CWolf & Jimmy]
 x MAP13: Amok			-- "Haze" [Eris Falling]
 x MAP14: Dead End		-- "Battle of Chaos" [Eris Falling]
 x MAP15: Battleground		-- "Sappers & Moles" [yakfak]
 x MAP16: Utopia Factory	-- "The Revenant" [KevinHEZ]
 x MAP17: The Miners		-- "Mining For Paranoia" [Akse]
 x MAP18: XS			-- "Acidic Lymph" [ClumsyDoomer]
 x MAP19: Xenocracy		-- "Gargoyles" [Jimmy]
 x MAP20: X Marx the Spot	-- "Black Colossus" [Hellish Godzilla & Jimmy]

Episode 3: (10/10 done)

 x MAP21: Hausterium		-- "Unearth" [Alfonzo]
 x MAP22: Beyond the Oracle	-- "Empyrean Shard" [ClumsyDoomer]
 x MAP23: Pyramid of Pain	-- "Ancient Enclosure" [Viscra Maelstrom]
 x MAP24: The Sect		-- "Beneath the Stars" [Eris Falling]
 x MAP25: The Prefect		-- "Keepsake Fever" [Alfonzo]
 x MAP26: Phragmobasidium	-- "Reach Within" [Jimmy]
 x MAP27: Necrosis		-- "Clay" [Jimmy]
 x MAP28: Exodus		-- "I Sacrifice" [Hellish Godzilla, Jimmy & Alfonzo]
 x MAP29: Hall of Maim		-- "Souls Trapped Between Rotten Bricks" [ClumsyDoomer]
 x MAP30: The Forgotten God	-- "The Forgotten God" [Eris Falling]

Secret levels: (2/3 done)

 x MAP31: Raw			-- "Redback" [Alfonzo & Jimmy]
 x MAP32: Zombie Or Not To Be	-- "King Roo" [Alfonzo]
 x MAP33: Revoltlover           -- "Evil on Tour" [Alfonzo & Jimmy]

Other tracks: (3/3 done)

 x TITLE:			-- "Tzimidzi Greets You" [CWolf & Jimmy]
 x INTER:			-- "Imp's Tradition" [DoomLover234 & Jimmy]
 x VICTORY:			-- "Why Settle for Colonel?" [yakfak]

Unassigned tracks:

   "Dead Time" [Viscra Maelstrom]
   "Graveyard Shift" [Viscra Maelstrom]
   "The Demon's Serenade" [stewboy]
   "Visceral" [KevinHEZ]
   "TVR" [CWolf]

Abandoned/unfinished tracks:

   "Sojourn" [Alfonzo]
   "Cult of 2001" [AD_79]
   "Prayers of the Underworld" [DoomLover234]
   "Stasis" [ClumsyDoomer]
   "Vessel of Misery" [ClumsyDoomer]

Notes for each map:

You may adhere to these, or disregard them to do something entirely new and different. Up to you!

- MAP01: Carnivorous Cargo - A short, confined moving train map with prisoners on board.
- MAP02: Depression - A train station that progresses to a movie theater. Rainy outdoors.
- MAP03: Infestation - A slime-covered set of streets.
- MAP04: Phobopolis - An urban setting. Lots of rooftop-leaping. Lots of blue.
- MAP05: R 'n' R - A seaside hotel/recreational facility.
- MAP06: Wasted! - A large maze of brown sewers.
- MAP07: The Valley of Death - A base built into a large crater with a giant descent into deadly slime.
- MAP08: Rockit - A launch base, pretty plain 'n' simple.
- MAP09: Wrath of Man - A cement base interspersed with garden-y architecture.
- MAP10: Lab of the Lost - A large experimental techbase where former human subjects are tortured.
- MAP11: The Transporter - Another scientific techbase.
- MAP12: Utopia - A Plutonia-ish brick town.
- MAP13: Amok - More rocks and grass. Features a graveyard.
- MAP14: Dead End - A massive pentagonal blood arena. Only 28 monsters but one of them's a cyberdemon.
- MAP15: Battleground - Industrial mining complex beseiged by military forces (features a tank).
- MAP16: Utopia Factory - Massive slime factory. Ends with the destruction of a reactor core.
- MAP17: The Miners - Muddy, maze-like mines. Features some kind of laser drill.
- MAP18: XS - Hellish underground lava chambers.
- MAP19: Xenocracy - More hellish bricks and metal. Large interconnecting blood canal featured.
- MAP20: X Marx the Spot - Large symmetrical brick fort. Ends with the destruction of a giant wall.
- MAP21: Hausterium - Journey to the center of the worm.
- MAP22: Beyond the Oracle - Opening shot is of giant pyramid, map mainly based around a skull collosseum.
- MAP23: Pyramid of Pain - Interior of the aforementioned structure, with some outlying rocky and lava-filled segments.
- MAP24: The Sect - Slightly claustrophobic Neurosphere-esque waterways.
- MAP25: The Prefect - A bricks-and-mortar castle, presumably for a tyrant. Features a throne room.
- MAP26: Phragmobasidium - Blood and rock platformer built around a blood stream.
- MAP27: Necrosis - A marble and zimmer fortress built into a nukage canal. Features sacrificial well at the beginning.
- MAP28: Exodus - Large and imposing brick and marble fort laced with lava. Ominous opening shot with large black crucifix.
- MAP29: Hall of Maim - More of the same; a hellish bastion in the midst of a dry rocky wasteland.
- MAP30: The Forgotten God - Features a puzzle-based battle with a fleshy elder god.
- MAP31: Raw - A small, confined puzzle map mainly featuring green bricks. Slightly Limbo-ish in design.
- MAP32: Zombie Or Not To Be - Lots of metal and bricks. Only zombies used as enemies. Beginning features a giant rising castle-like macrostructure.
- MAP33: Revoltlover* - A circular, cliffside slime facility with a prominent skeletal mural in the starting area.

*This map was made in 2016, by Thomas van der Velden himself, as a bonus inclusion for this project specifically! This slot should definitely get something special as a kind of bonus track to be played in advanced ports that can customise the music for slots beyond MAP32.

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Hell, it's about time etc.

I'll go ahead and gobble up a few slots in 02, 18, 20 and 21. Woah, what a greedy bastard! I've been assured that it's okay to do this up front, but if someone is looking to claim one of those slots then I'm sure you'll be able to talk me out of it before I start.

Whoops, already started!

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map 09: Phalarope Shuffle
pencil me in for slot #15 and the narration too please!

(ps. I actually had the same idea and was working concurrently with the Megawad project, but this is what I get for not announcing my intentions... =P)

(pps. CWolfRu just claimed my favourite map, heh)

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Everyone added who claimed.

yakfak: As much as I love your work, this one honest-to-god confuses the living daylights out of me - I do like it, but I don't know why, and I'm unsure if it's a real "goer" if I'm honest - but I've penciled it into MAP09's slot. Thanks for contributing again!

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don't worry, if you don't think it fits I'll try again. You reckon Map 9 needs a more up-tempo tune, then?

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Knowing myself, I won't officially sign up for a track, but if I come up with any inspiration to do anything random/midi-ish off-hand, I might see if it's slottable. :p

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Good idea. I tried playing TVR along with the Club, but stopped upon hearing "Running from Evil".

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yakfak said:

don't worry, if you don't think it fits I'll try again. You reckon Map 9 needs a more up-tempo tune, then?

I'm actually happy to leave it as-is for the time being unless you think you can improve on it. MAP09 is pretty dark and confined and architecturally a bit strange so maybe it works better than I initially thought.

joe-ilya said:

Here's a 55-second MIDI, not sure if it's good enough. It's aimed towards MAP32.
Listening with OPL2 recommended.
This track is called "Untitled 2"

55 seconds of talentless piano-wanking and not even an attempt to adhere to the rules of the OP (I specifically said don't leave your tracks untitled) earns this a reject. The only trying I can feasibly assume you did was in the area of making something deliberately pointless to waste people's time.

also barred from this project.

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joe-ilya said:

Here's a 55-second MIDI, not sure if it's good enough. It's aimed towards MAP32.
Listening with OPL2 recommended.
This track is called "Untitled 2"

You made a random midi just to get into this MIDI project well I HOPE it gets rejected because this is the worst thing you ever made, even worse than your first maps, just don't bother joe, because like Rodney Dangerfield, you will get no respect.

EDIT: Jimmy ninja'd me.

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Added you, DoomLover234.

CWolfRu: Your contribution is appreciated! It has the makings of a cool track if it's really fleshed out. I'm gonna hold onto this for the time being, and if it's cool with you I might see if I can bolster it to its full potential. In the meantime don't be discouraged, just keep working at honing your skills. :)

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Jimmy said:

Added you, DoomLover234.

CWolfRu: Your contribution is appreciated! It has the makings of a cool track if it's really fleshed out. I'm gonna hold onto this for the time being, and if it's cool with you I might see if I can bolster it to its full potential. In the meantime don't be discouraged, just keep working at honing your skills. :)

Thanks! It's the first time I'm a part of a project!

I'm working on a fast-paced harmonic track, but I think it doesn't fit into the intermission screen. We'll see.

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CWolfRu said:

Then, how long title midi should be?

Good question. From my experience I'd say about 30-45 seconds but I'm not in charge here,

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