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Popcorn Gun! - Hows that for an original idea!

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"I was eating instant popcorn and i heard the popping in the microwave and imagined
machine-gun fire and thought hey! there's a good weapon idea!", My Brother

Name: Popgun
Type: 1
Decorate: Redxone - ME

Summon: Popgun

A popcorn weapon!
primary attack fires bouncing kernels!
secondary attack fires rapid popcorn bursts!

Sprites - My Brother

My Brother - made in BFXR


Extra Information:
Hands are blue becuz this was originally made for the mm8bitdm

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AD_79 said:

It's spelled "Zandronum".

Lol, thanks

Doomhuntress said:

why is the HTC2 popcorn gun not shooting popcorn. he got the graphics from the mod but couldn't get the same behavior to work for it?

I think whatever that gun shoots its maybe supposed to be colored popcorn?

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