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[WIP] unnamed Episode 5 project

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So technically Xaser's already done something like this, but while I love the surreal theme going on, there was just too much that just wasn't classic Doom 1 -- the Doom 2 monsters and especially the last level.

So in an attempt to teach myself the finer points of map making after years of fiddling around, I decided to make my own take on the concept, using two of the old alpha maps, plus most (if not all -- probably won't include Club Doom) of the PSX-exclusive maps.

Expect a massive retexturing job (utilizing Nick Baker's E5 textures, the Doom Potpourri textures, and DrDoctor's pack) and some additional architecture and such blending computer themes with more hellish stylings to create a sinister techno-infection. Don't expect massive overhauls like Carroll Street Station, but there will be a few changes, largely to stay in keeping with the theme.

This is all very WIP as I'm still learning the basics, and I plan to do multiple passes on each level until I'm satisfied.


E5M1: iDOS Anomaly
(more to be added as I complete them)

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Cool, reminds me of Icarus because of the silver. Where can I find that floor texture btw? I need that!!

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