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MAP10 Vanillafied

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I spent the weekend taking the map I co-authored, MAP10, and making it work in vanilla. :D

This is a very detailed map, and it was hot pink in Visplane Explorer before I started, but I think I've been able to remodel the problem areas while retaining the original atmosphere.

While I was at it I also made a couple of minor fixes, such as making the blue key a bit more obvious. It was so well hidden I kept missing it during playtests... and I put it there! :P


(Old version):

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Works quite nicely. But the waterfalls don't seem to animate. I believe all you have to do is flip the line and it'll animate. Otherwise. Very nice.

Edit: Texture error is on my end. Disregard that.

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It does indeed still feel like the same map -- nicely done, I bet it wasn't easy.

What's cool about this map is it really exploratory, all the outdoor areas have something unique about them.

What I think it needs it some work on how the keys are used. E.g. I find the blue key, but I have no idea what it is for (and won't actually need it until a fair while later). Would make a lot of sense if it opened that building to the south of that key (and use the teleporter in the river for a secret).

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At long last, an update!

I've left this for far too long, but finally got around to finalising this and giving it one more playtest. This version takes on board andrewj's suggestion about the blue key door, while also moving the yellow key to make it more obvious.

I gave it a proper hardcore playtest by using vanilla in DOSBox with keyboard controls. ;)


As far as I can see, this version should be ready to be committed, but feedback is always appreciated.

Edit: This version is now committed.

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