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How to make lindefs with sector tag 0 work in PrBoom+/GLBoom+?

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From my understanding playing with -complevel -1 (or no compatibility defined) and with "linedef effects work with sector tag = 0" enabled should make these linedefs work as intended by the mapper. However, after doing so they still break the map like in other common compatibilities (2,3,4,11).

Is there some other option I have to enable or how to make this work?

I'm using the newest from 30 November but this is also true for older versions including those that had this compatibility option named differently ("apply actions with sector tag = 0 locally" or something like that).

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Well from my understanding, the compatibility levels exist to force strict emulation of game behavior of their respective executables (read: override your default PrBoom-plus options to make the game behave exactly like the emulated executable would, for example vanilla Doom 1.9 executable in case of -complevel 2), which means that if you set a complevel and then alter PrBoom-plus's options (which you... should be able to do?), you can no longer say that you're running the map in said complevel.

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OK, never mind...

"linedefs w/o tags apply locally" is a separate option under General and it seems it's enough to enable this for the lindefs with sector tag 0 to work. I tried this option long time ago and I'm sure it didn't work, though... weird.

What bothers me is that using -complevel in command line now doesn't enforce an EXE compatibility unless I'm recording. Oh, well. I originally thought you have to use -complevel -1 for these compatibility options to work and it made perfect sense to me. I have mixed feeling about it working this way.

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