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Flame Bringer Sprites

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RonLivingston said:

I already have the flame bringers resurrection sprites on my own freedoom project. but thanks for posting anyway.


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Sodaholic said:

Oh, that. I thought you were talking about that eye creature by urric. :(

Sorry. :(

I was just happy to no longer have to see that box that said "Resource Not Found" (or whatever it actually said). That update finally closed the door on the most obviously incomplete asset in Freedoom. (We can phrase it however we like, but a monster with missing sprites is going to be noticed.)

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frithiof said:

Thank you for updating these. :)

It's a shame they didn't quite make the 0.10 release, though.

I snuck them into the 0.10.1 branch, so you should see them soon

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The missing Archvile sprites always really bothered me in Freedoom and made it feel unpolished.

As most custom made content found online seems to be overwhelmingly filled with Archviles, Revenants and Chaingunners. Anyways, great thanks for this.

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