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General Rainbow Bacon

40oz Birthday map

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I think in USA people don't always go like school->university->work, and going to a university (while combining it with work perhaps) when you're like 25 years old is not too uncommon.

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Here's a one-hour speedmap -- I'm still reeling from my last project, so I don't have the energy for more.

It's a map with no health. HNTR/HMP add blue/green armor respectively, but UV is not that tough anyway.

(Boom format.)

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Name: Malt Liquor In Your Name Only
(AKA 40Oz goes to the liquor store to buy himself)

Music: 8 Bar Break from Midi Year Two by Jmickle66666666
Resource required: mutiny_res18.wad
Use: ZDoom (has a custom texture in the wad itself, so drop both onto the .exe for ease of use)

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Thank you guys for the maps! They were pretty hard! (for me anyway)

Here are FDA demos + uv-max demos of GRB's and rdwpa's maps

Pinchy I played your maps but I didn't record since it needed ZDoom. The 40oz's made out of sectors in the exit area made me lol :)

Thanks again!

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