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scripted Missile states

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I noted the Scripted Marine has a set of missile states named after each possible weapon. I'd like to reproduce this but the only way I found to set an actor's weapon is the SetMarineWeapon thingie, which is exclusive to Scripted Marines. Is there a way to use this feature in a newly created actor? I need to change the monster weapon on the fly since it's a boss battle and I'm going for specific weapons in specific moments.

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You can define several types of "dummy" inventory items with MaxAmount 1, then use A_JumpIfInventory in your monster's DECORATE to jump into different states depending on presence/lack of these dummy inventory items in the monster's inventory, and finally, give or take these inventory items to/from the monster via ACS on the fly (or within its own DECORATE using A_GiveInventory / A_TakeInventory).

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