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Your Favorite Demos

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Here are three of mine to start off.

-- Doom E1M7 by Hi Jango. A classic. This one gets me erect, plain and simple. The technique is almost flawless. So slick. Looks almost TAS'd, which is the highest compliment I can give a demo.

-- CC3 Map29 by Ancalagon. Anc has many of my favorites, but this one is probably my favorite; it's a fun romp without long stretches of almost surreal perfection.

-- Sunder Map06 by Okuplok. Okuploking is defined as standing stock still and dodging fireballs by basically the minimum amount possible. There's something really appealing about his style. Bloodite (rare use of conspicuous vertical sensitivity, which I think looks cool) and j4rio (ultra-jitter hyper reflexes) and Nevanos (smooth as an especially smooth ass) are also some of my favorite runners, stylistically.

(Please try to add at least a sentence or two explaining why you like the demo. It makes it easier for viewers to know what to look for.)

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these threads might be of interest to ya:


no '15 thread j4? oh'well, previous ones weren't super active. Kinda wish there was though, I haven't been keeping track of demos as closely this year, probably missed some cool stuff.

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This thread is NOT about best demos of the year, it is about favourite demos.

I remember Hi Jango's demo pretty well. Good pick.

I say my "favourite demos" I those who I can watch over and over. There was a thread about this about 4 years ago, but with this new "Search Forums" feature I can't find anything. Anyway, Darken 2 MAP 11 Max/Reality (TAS) by Andy qualifies here, it has astonishing infighting sequences, especially from 1:30 to 2:15, and also at 3:09 (3 chaingunners).

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I like Joca's Tyson demos on E2M1, I had always wondered how to get a respectable time on a level that full of meat and devoid of supplies and telefragging turned out to be the answer. Just generally I enjoy long puzzly Tysons and maxes of confusing, non-arcady levels... I kinda want runners to know that there's someone watching their demos in these sort of areas, and hope they keep at it.

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Newgothic movement 1 - uvmax MAP21 by j4rio
SL2011 uvmax MAP27 by j4rio
Doom Episode 1 by Beginner (Ballerina)
Plutonia D2All MAX by Light_Speed
Memorial UV-Speed by Light_Speed
Sunder MAP11 MAX by eschdoom
SOD UV-MAX MAP32 by Rizera

Why like? MM... First two demos are really impressive. Third is just funny...
Plutonia and Memorial looks sweet and in general i like Light_Speed's demos...
Sunder map11 because i fear that map and always dies there without TAS.
SOD map 32 because it's insane map.

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