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Doom R3loaded [3DGE Mod]

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Doom R3loaded v1.2

Started out as a stylish wad in the vein of Smooth Doom and Beautiful Doom, but I decided to start all over on it and go in a different direction. The PSX sounds are still in the WAD, but I've made a few gameplay changes mostly in the form of slight alterations and additions to monster behavior. There are also some simple RNG elements such as different armors and new enemies spawning in place of old enemies. I've redid the gore system to make it is less sloppy and obtrusive, and I got rid of the shell/bullet casings due to it being so annoying to have so many things flying around on the screen. I've also restored the weapon graphics with the exception of the rifle and the chainsaw. Perhaps the most obvious change is that Doom Guy is now Doom Girl. I've used the rifle major sprites from Immoral Conduct for the time being, but I plan on making original female marine sprites. We're just going to have to live with the lip stick, especially since it matches the status bar face. Her gib graphic is a resized version of the ROTT gib state with the Doom palette applied to it. More details in the changelog. Download link is at the bottom of the post.

***Changelog (v1.2)***

- Replaced Doom Guy with Doom Girl. New sprites, sounds, and status bar face graphics have been added.
- Added alternate rifle sprite with bayonet. Bayonet is now the default melee attack.
- Added a slight buff to the rifle so that it is stronger than the pistol that it has replaced, but still weaker than the shotgun.
- The rifle now fires with similar timing and cadence to the zombie's rifle. This makes the player's rifle and the zombie's rifle more consistent.
- Added new shotgun sprites from Don's Challenge by Cory Whittle per the readme.txt file.
- Replaced original chainsaw with Doom 64 chainsaw.
- Restored original sprites for the remaining weapons.
- Added new super armor. It is yellow and it absorbs up to 75% of all damage. It has a 10% chance of spawning in place of green armor.
- Added new ultra armor. It is red and it absorbs up to 90% of all damage. It has a 10% chance of spawning in place of blue armor.
- Replaced default light amplification goggle graphics with 3DGE's own light amplification goggle graphics.
- Removed all shell and bullet casings.
- Removed simple muzzle smoke.
- Replaced simple smoke trails with Hexen smoke effects.
- Added smoke effects to all explosions including the lost soul and pain elemental death states. They were not added to fireball death states.
- Added the nightmare imp. He is a stronger, faster, and translucent version of the imp. He has a 50% chance of spawning in place of an imp.
- Added the gun shade. He is a "fuzzy" flying chaingunner torso, and he fills the niche of flying hitscanner. He has a 10% chance of spawning in place of a chaingunner.
- Added a new bayonet attack for the Zombieman. It is deceptively powerful, so be careful at close range.
- Increased the speed of the pinky demon's attack so that he has a higher chance of landing a hit. This also allows him to really devastate the player at close range as well as not look so pathetic when he tries to bite another monster.
- Made the hell knight translucent to further differentiate him from the baron of hell.
- The lost soul now glows red to match the flames around him.
- The pain elemental now glows orange to match the fire in his mouth.
- The pain elemental now has a melee attack at close range that does the same amount of damage as the cacodemon's close range attack.
- The mancubus now has a 10% chance of ripping ass and leaving a fart cloud.
- Removed the flying blood and replaced it with floating blood. It is the original blood graphic, but it remains in the air instead of falling to the ground.
- Removed all alternate death sprites and replaced them with randomly mirrored vanilla death sprites.
- Added "skid marks" to all gibbed corpses. Gibbing a corpse leaves several pools of blood as it slides across the ground.
- Added new custom crush graphics. Each monster has a unique crush graphic that contains a recognizable body part from that monster. These are my own original graphics that I threw together.


- I recommend downloading and using the latest version of Doom Launcher. Many people complain about 3DGE's weird behavior when dragging and dropping files onto the executable. I've experienced this, as well. Doom Launcher alleviates most if not all of these issues. Download and instructions at:



- Download the latest version of 3DGE at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/edge2/
- Buy the Doom series DRM-Free at: http://www.gog.com/game/doom_ii_final_doom
- Hard times? Strapped for cash? Then download and support the Freedoom project at: https://freedoom.github.io/download.html

Tech Talk:

It is a very good idea to make sure that your computer has the recommended specs that Coraline listed on the 3DGE Wiki:

- Pentium-class 1.0 GHz CPU or faster (1.2 GHz recommended for modern modifications).
- 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended).
- Hardware accelerated 3D card with OpenGL drivers. Should be at least a Voodoo, but you'll need better, especially if you want to use dynamic lights along with the models.

Future Plans:

- Make original female marine sprites.
- Add more 3DGE-isms.


- Sprites

ID Software
Rogue Entertainment
Cory Whittle
Lynn Forest

- Sounds

ID Software
Aubrey Hodges


Download Link (1.9 MB):


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First update, Doom R3loaded v1.1
New link in the OP.

- Added new weapon sprites for the pistol, plasma gun, and BFG. The pistol has been replaced with the rifle, but the weapon's strength and behavior remain unchanged.
- Added simple muzzle smoke to all weapons including enemy weapons.
- Added ejecting bullet and shell casings to all weapons including enemy weapons.
- Added a couple of shootable zombie decorations (the twitching blokes).
- Changed the BOBBING property for the player and weapons so that they follow PSX Doom's view bob and weapon bob more closely.
- Changed the SWAYING property for all weapons so that they follow PSX Doom's weapon sway more closely.
- Changed the dynamic lighting so that it is a little closer to PSX Doom's lighting. This meant switching from quadratic to constant lighting, removing dynamic lights from all pick ups, and expanding the dynamic lights on all applicable scenery objects so that the colored lighting has a definite source and is not there randomly.
- Changed the lost soul's HP by lowering it so that the lost soul can now be one-shot with the shotgun.
- Changed the spectre's properties so that it now renders transparent just like its counterpart in PSX Doom.

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