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merry xmas (map) [now w/ screenshots]

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name:  DEC24
iwad:  DOOM2.wad
comp:  ???
time:  00:30 to 02:00
note:  short map, starting with ammo and health starvation and ending in plethora
       of goodies to use on renewed waves of enemies.  And maybe the demons are a
       metaphor for family, idk.
       Oh yeah, and an easter egg for my Jewish friends, just before the exit.
dl:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ixqqr7562zdhnpl/DEC24.wad?dl=0
fixed: fatsos stuck and unclosed sectors




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Well, this was somewhat nice departure from standard Doom fare. There are some problems however - an unclosed sector at linedef 523 and all 4 fatsos were stuck in Zdoom.

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Ah, shoot. I noticed those two things the last few playtests, but never got around to fixing them before my SSD crashed. Fortunately, everything seems tip-top now, so I'll get to fixing it tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback.

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