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Chex Quest style level tally screens?

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Currently the level tally screens in both Phases use the same generic background which is a take on the Doom II level tally screen pic. I was thinking, what if the background instead showed the protagonist in the aftermath of the battle or some kind of victory pose, perhaps drawn in a similar style to the new title screen? Chex Quest uses a similar approach, and even adds animation (apparently by replacing the "you are here" arrow messages). In Phase 1, each episode could have its own level tally screen with its own animation.

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I'm not against the idea, but I feel that the effort required would be better put into other things. Consider that it's quite a bit of work to get one (decent quality) unanimated picture, let alone several.

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I think the screen should be like the way Doom does it.
Phase 1- a map with "Next Area" pic
Phase 2- Freedoomguy standing over a corpse/mixed faces of demons horribly mangled.

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