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Cyberdemon Art

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Little Faith said:

404 File not found.

Do something about it.

It worked for me earlier, and it was pretty damn cool IMO.

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It should be working now. It got deleted for some reason, maybe because it went outside the rules of 50g.com. A few of my pics are missing from my folder. :/

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Coopersville said:

A drawing of the Cyberdemon I did a while back.

I was playing CO-OP the other day and my hand hit some key then a message came up, "Messages turned off," something like that. Now I don't know what people are saying or who's killing what without opening the console. Could someone please tell me what key and/or console command toggles the messages on/off?

Messages On/Off is F8.

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About the gun thing. I would have made it much bigger but I ran out of space. Resizing when you hit the edge of the page is a newbish thing to do but without the whole gun showing a Cyberdemon pic is nothing. The rockets it shoots arn't really that big, they are simular, if not exactlylike the ones DoomGuy fires and the rocket launcher he uses is like the width of a paper towel roll.

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