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WAD List/WAD selector?

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So I've done a bit of googling but I seem to fail at it.

Just wondering if there is a sourceport or mod of somesort that allows for easier WAD useage?

I know right now the click and drag method seems to be the best means to use a WAD, however does any sourceport have the means to select which WAD you want to play from a list?

EX: Open GZDoom, and it asks you if you wish to play Doom 1/2 than opens a new window populated with all the compatible WADS you have stored in X directory?

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I use ZDL. Despite the name it will work for any source port, as long as they don't use some weird command line parameters that are nothing like the original DooM's. I put all my IWADs in one directory, then PWADs and mods go in another. I've also got it setup so that I can double click on a WAD file in the file explorer and it will open up ZDL with that WAD added to the list of files. That's the most convenient way of running new WADs I've found.
I also like the testing functionality in GZDoomBuilder, since it makes it easy to switch between ports, difficulty levels, and -nomonsters.

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