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Which Source Port Is Best For Online?

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As far as I understand, skulltag is (and has been for a very long time) dead. I just recently got a semi-reliable internet connection in which to play doom online, so i hopped on zandronum to do so, and there's a couple servers with people playing, but other than that, dead. Basically, which port has the best online presence?

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Zandronum, ZDaemon, Odamex.

Zandronum is not dead at all (I can see hundreds of active servers right now, 24 of them with people), it's up to par with ZDaemon on player counts, maybe you just don't have the right version of the port. Odamex is the one with comparatively low activity for most of the time. Anyway, these three ports cover pretty much the entire multiplayer Dooming nowadays.

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Doomsday saw some Multiplayer activity recently, Though it's netcode isn't as good as i thought, i recommand Zandronum since ZDaemon still has the crushers,lifts (and any moving Sector) bug and Odamex's Servers are barely active .

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