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GZDoomBuilder - How to disable the custom-fields usage in visual mode?

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I'm having a small annyoing poblem when i'm in visual mode in Gzdoom Builder for example: when i aim in a wall and i try to scroll up the light it make only the WALL light up instead of the whole sector like in Doom builder 2, same when i'm trying to ailing a wall i want to use normal X Y offsets intead it apply the custons X Y offsets.

So someone know some way to disable the use of custon fields in Visual mode to be like doom builder 2?

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this has to do with the mapping format you're using (UDMF). in the standard Doom format, sectors have a light level and that's it, but in UDMF, a sector can have a light level, the walls inside it can have their own, same for the ceiling and floor.

anyway I find this kind of frustrating as well when I'm working in UDMF. when I'm adjusting brightness in 3d mode I most often want to adjust brightness for the whole sector, but this means that I have to make sure I'm aiming at the floor of a sector to do that, which can be a bit inconvenient. I actually posted a feature suggestion in the GZDB development thread asking to allow the standard light-changing behavior even in UDMF format, though I'm not sure if it was responded to. I'll check on that now actually...

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