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Brutal Doom: Hell on earth story question

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what do the intermission screens say? they mostly have cut off text no matter what resolution i use in Zandronum.


It's cheesy and badly written, but I am interested to know since I think this whole mapset is more cohesive than anything id tried to do with story.

One more question, in the second image, is everyones shotgun ammo hidden by the gun icon like that?

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clusterdef 1
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "Seems like the Marine's barricades
have fallen and the survivors were
forced to retreat.

You follow the advice you received from
the radio, and head up to the Portal Testing
Center, in another attempt at regrouping
with your fellow Marines."

clusterdef 2
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You finally found the other
Marines! Now it's time to make
a final push to the portal testing
area, clear the area, set
the portal's destination to
Earth, and escape this nightmare!

Now we are all going to leave
this shithole, or die trying!"

clusterdef 3
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You did it! Despite the death
of all your companions, you destroyed
the two imponent demons guarding the portal.
Your ticket back home is finally here.

As the sole survivor of this nightmare,
you step out of the portal to claim your
righteous prize: The green fields of Earth.
Home, at last! Seems like you are somewhere
in the mountains at East of California.

But something just doesn't feels right.
There is something strange in the air...
You better investigate."

clusterdef 4
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You reach an evac center with
hundreds of civilians waiting for an
extraction. You find the Marine Captain
which informs you the situation:
There is a huge portal at downtown
Los Angeles spawning a torrent of demons.
Washington will authorize a full-scale
nuclear assault if we don't secure
the city in the following days.
The UAC MArines are facing trouble to
approach the portal. Seems like huge armies
attracts the attention of the Hellspawn.
The captain asks you to take all the ammo you
can, and try to breach their lines, and secure
the portal. He also sends a few marines
to accompain you.

clusterdef 5
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You reach the center of Los Angeles.
The place is being corrupted by the presence
of the portal, and now boiling hellish
blood covers the streets.

The US Air Force have been carpet bombing
the city for days, but probably there are
lots of demons around. Proceed with caution.
Locate and secure the portal at
the UAC Headquarters, clear all hostiles
close to it, then call in reinforcements.

clusterdef 6
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "The entire UAC's Building was turned
into a direct portal to Hell, and guarded
by a giant monster. But you sucessfully take out
the guardian all by yourself, then you call
in the cavalry.

As the reinforcements arrive, they soon notice
that nothing can be done from this side to close
the portal, so the High Command gives an order
to invade Hell with all forces aviable. Followed
by an entire platoon of UAC Marines, supported
by vehicles and aircraft, you enter the portal.

clusterdef 7
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You sneak into the castle foothold and climb
the giant tower. After you kill the giant cyberdemon
guardian, you cross the bridge and reach the upper part
of Hell. The army is left behind at the foothold fighting
against enemy reinforcements. You proceed alone, as a lone
marine would draw much less attention from the demons, as
they would focus all their forces on fighting the Marine army
setting up a camp near the portal.

clusterdef 8
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "As you approach a giant demon city, you
receive a message from command telling you that the
army is retreating from the tower's foothold. Seems
like they sufferend thousands of casualities and got
hundreds of marines captured or missing in action.
They decided to fall back to Earth, and use the portal
to funnel down the demon invasion, and keep killing them
just as they step out of the portal.

Seems like you are the last marine deployed in Hell.
But seems like the high command got you right where
they wanted. They are sure that a single marine wandering
beoyond their lines will not draw any big attention,
so they send you coordinates of where they believe to be
the source of the demonic armies. You should head
to this position at north, and investigate.

clusterdef 9
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "Your eyes can still barely believe
what you have just seen. The poor Marines that
decided to surrender have meet such brutal and
gruesome fates on demonic concentration camps.
May this serve as a reminder of what you
are fighting against.

You check your automap, and notice that you are
getting close to the center of hell. Be prepared,
the demons might put everything they still got
to defend it.

clusterdef 10
flat METAL29
music D_READ
exittext "You did it! You destroyed
the giant beast that was commanding the
demonic army and the invasion is over!
Earth is safe!

Badly wounded from the fight you
collapse into the dirt. Soon a squad
of marines finds you and brings
you back to the portal. Back
on the Ruined Los Angeles, you
reunite with your fellow marines
where you are received as a hero
and everyone wants to see
the doomed marine who kicked
satan's ass alone."

clusterdef 65
flat METAL29
music D_READ
entertext "By now, you should have
learned that steping on an evil bloody
pentagram from hell might be a bad
idea, but you do it anyway. Now
not even you have any idea of where
this portal has led you.

The place is a lot colder than Los
Angeles, so you probably are in a completely
different part of the world. But you
hear human voices across the door! Maybe
they are friends? Maybe you should
check it out!"

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