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Distress call (single map for [Free]Doom)

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So, finally after ~ 1 month of work I did it.

IWAD: Doom2\Freedoom2 (depends on your choice)
Maps: 1
Complevel 9 (but honestly it's unnecessary)
What's new: sprites, music, titlepic.

The plot:

You received emergency signal from far outpost on other side of planet. Your boss decides you should go there and find out what happened. So, you there, and things get worse...

Archive includes both Doom and Freedoom versions (because not everyone like Freedoom). Main difference lies in UV difficulty. It's not copying HMP in Freedoom version, while Doom's contain your favorite slaughterfest (just kiddin. But really UV is hard as hell, trust me).

There are custom sprites in both wad-files + new SKY's texture specially for this level.

EDIT: Maps updated. Fixed some issues.
EDIT: New update. Last issues fixed.

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I played DCALLD and I found these things:
-from the terrace where you find the chainsaw it's possible to jump on the crates and fall into the pit with the slime and get stuck there
-the elevator (sector 1095) has homs when it lowers
-one Imp (thing 558) is stuck into the wall
It wasn't very difficult on UV. You are supplied with a bit too much ammo for all the encounters that involve very few monsters each time. Also having less resources will build some more tension for the exploration. The blue key switch was a bit too much obscure but imo that secret doesn't have such a purpose given the situations that are set in the map. Many of the monsters in the outside area with the water pools doesn't have the deaf flag and end to group together below the BSTONE2 building (there was even the mancubus there) and they just infight at that point.
That said I really liked the level, it has a great mood and it was really enjoyable to explore the place.

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@gaspe Thanks. :)

gaspe said:

I played DCALLD and I found these things:
-from the terrace where you find the chainsaw it's possible to jump on the crates and fall into the pit with the slime and get stuck there

-one Imp (thing 558) is stuck into the wall

1) I forgot to turn "impassable" on.
2) where?

Other issues are fixed.

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I agree with gaspe... With the description saying it's hard on UV I was expecting something different. Instead I found most of the gameplay to be bordering tedious, but only because of my attitude during playing of "okay, skip the easy shit, where's the spoken-of challenge?" The biggest challenge I got was from the few situations I ran into a corner after skipping 15+ bad guys. Oh, and that AV near the red door, it took me a sec to find him, then I had a couple revs and HK's shooting at me because I ignored them before. That area was nicely designed, assuming that was planned.

Still, it wasn't all that tedious in retrospect, but the lack of power weapons made things take longer and that in combination with the enemy count was what made me start skipping monsters. Then again, it's also the way I am towards the end of the night when I'm out of time. Also, apparently I missed the SSG on my playthrough... oops.

I don't really understand the over-abundance of health and ammo, but only in groups. I think that they could have been spread out a bit more.

Some encounters were really sweet while others felt kinda gimp. I really liked in the beginning the encounter with the rev, 2 cacos, shotgunners and 2 imps in front while 2 more imps come from behind (unless I missed those two). That encounter and the timing of it was really well-done. Apparently there was a chaingunner there who must've eaten a rev shot before I saw him. I liked that encounter, though because in-fighting was clearly the preferred strategy with the rev behind the 2 cacos. Though at the same time the shotgunners in front had to be dealt with, which leads to a chance of accidentally hitting a caco and forfeiting the likely chance of in-fighting. Good stuff ^^

The decorations allowed me to almost freely run anywhere and provoke in-fighting without a care in the world.

This map looked nice, though and did have some cool atmosphere to it. I liked that you went for it with the little area with the cubical/tables, but left it empty. The attempt at a totally skip-able real-life-looking room was nice knowing people's typical aversion to the blandness of real-life settings in Doom maps. Then again, there were many real-life-ish rooms in here that I thought were done nicely, though my favorite portions of the map were outside. Still, as with most real-life-ish areas in Doom maps, height variation suffered, though you did a good job mixing it up towards the end.

I would have liked to see a bit more height variation within the encounters themselves and pressure applied from perhaps a couple more angles here and there, but for the most part this was a fun map to play and it looked nice too! Keep it up!

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