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Adding Custom Music Using Slade!!

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Now pretend for a second (not really pretend cause it's kind of true) that your replying to an absolute idiot...I know NOTHING about WAD editing, and actually I don't know too much about anything that has to do with WADS in general...

I can't find a decent tutorial on how to add custom music to my maps..So is there ANYONE who can explain it step by step or lead me to a video that teaches step by step on how to do this? Every video I watch is either some kid that is horrible at teaching and speaking in general, or someone who uses all this jargon that I don't understand...I just need a beginners walkthrough...

I understand the general idea..adding the midi file (or whatever it may be) and renaming it as the as original song name (for instance, D_runnin for Map01 in doom 2)...but I can't figure out how to actually do it..

Please help, I'm sorry for my noobish posts, but I'm really psyched about some tracks that I've wrote to go with the maps I've created and maps that are in the process of being created..

If you reply, please note that I am DUMB when it comes to this stuff (at least for the moment I am, I can learn)..


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1. Open your wad in SLADE3. (DON'T have the wad open in another program at the same time, for example a map editor.)
2. Click the "Import Files" button. (NOT "Import".)
3. A file selection window will pop up. Find your music file, click it, and click "Open".
4. Now there should be a new lump in your wad, named after first 8 letters of the music file, containing your music.
5. Right-click the lump. A context menu should appear. Click "Rename".
6. Rename the lump to D_RUNNIN. (or the respective music lump name of a different mapslot)
7. Save the wad.
8. Now when you play the wad, the music should play on MAP01 (or the respective map).

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Open Slade3 (configure it if/as needed) -> File -> New -> Wad Archive.
You now have a blank archive. Or use File -> Open for existing archives (do not ever open IWADs with the intention of editing them).

You have two ways to add lumps to said archive:

  • Drag and drop: Open an explorer window, find you desired music file, drag it into the entries box in the Slade3 window.
  • Import: Select "Import files" (hot bar, Archive->Import Files, or ctrl+shift+I), navigate to music file and select open.
If you are doing this for an existing map, do not disrupt a maps order of lumps (stick the new lump at the very top or bottom of the archive if you're unsure).

Now you have the music lump in your WAD. Right click it, select rename and call it what you want or need. Click save (or save as when starting from a new archive). You're done.

Edit: Sniped by scifista42.

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