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[w.i.p.] - another quake 3 inspired deathmatch map

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want to share some progress of my new map. it's based on the quake 3 map "hero's keep".

i started the map using the base style textures. aimed for a tech look, because i'm more comfortable with this theme. but this time it didn't work out at all. the walls in the main room are too huge which caused the textures to repeat too often.

this is the first time i use the hell texture set and i think it looks good so far. expect more blood, reversed crosses and more twisted stuff.

for now it's just screenshots. there's really nothing worth playing yet. i'm doing good progress though and the layout is almost complete.

comments are appreciated. it helps me keep going.


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I like that screenshot man!

If the rest of the map receives the same level of detail as that POV I'm sure it'll be one sweet-looking map.

Keep it up!

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