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[ZDoom/GZDoom] Fortress of misery - Cancelled

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Hello everyone, since I couldn't make it for the dwmp2015 (due to personnal stuff and the fact that I was mapping at a rather slowpace + festivites), I decided to finally sit down and make a thread for the map I've been working on for this project (Obviously, it's now a standalone map or it may be saved for the 2016 edition, who knows).

So yeah, I started this map in november last year and never thought I'd reach this kind of design (it may look simple for some but trust me, it took me ages to do but a few rooms of this) and overall size. It's a somewhat large castle in hell surrounded by a a huge pool of lava (yay, original I know) and honestly, this may be the very first time I managed to get a rather convincing castle-like look (tried multiple times before but failed due to lack of motivation) and well, I'm pleased with what I have so far.

Some of you may have seen a few pics (there's even a small video on my youtube channel, yugiboy85) of it in the dwmp2015 thread but, since it's now gonna be a standalone release, I thought it would be nice to share them on the map's own thread (this one duh). There are a few new ones too and a few fleshed out areas that looked a little bland before so it's not like I'm sharing the same shit over again.

The map is designed for zdoom/gzdoom. As I'm making new rooms, I'm constantly testing it in both sourceports (zdoom in priority) so that I don't have any unpleasant surprises. I nearly lost it once since I had a huge HOM effect on one of the castle's tower but that was my own fault since I had placed some control sectors way off limits and thus, it created this unpleasant effect (it was not present in gzdoom though). Thankfully, it is now sorted out.

Enough chitchat, here are the screenshots (an imgur album because well, they are a bit too big):


For shits and giggles, here is the video (a no-monster tour of a rather outdated version of the map tbh lol):


Music is "fallen sun" and it was composed by jimmy.

I am aware that the video freezes for a small portion near the end, thank youtube for being stupid and fucking up the upload.

Edited by Yugiboy85

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Well thank you good sir ;)

Glad that you found it interesting. Hopefully, you still will when you get to play it ^^

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The huge outdoor areas really show off the weaknesses of most Doom textures when tiled over gigantic surfaces, but there's only so much you can do about that. The smaller/enclosed areas, like in the fourth screenshot and the last several shots, are really cool!

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Haha, yeah, I know. I added a second border (under the support border) that is a black variant of the red stone texture. It looks better but then again, It's not the best. Oh well, it's no real big deal imo :)

Thanks for the comment though. I am quite meh when it comes to outdoor areas (they always come out as rather simple looking) but I do try my best.

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Pretty cool man! Reminds me of PSX Doom for some reason. When it's released I'll probably run through it with the PSX soundtrack to see how it sounds. Or maybe the soundtrack from Diablo, who knows? :)

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Ok, I've made a tough decision but yeah, I think it is for the best.

"Fortress of misery" is unfortunately cancelled. Reason being, I put myself into a corner for one and thus cannot think of anything regarding the map.

The fact that I've started (as of fairly recently) working on boom maps (travelling to the moon, my dwmp 16 entry and my CK map), I've found myself enjoying boom mapping alot more.

It's still quite tough to let it go though but heh, you have to do what you have to do at times.

It is not gonna be tossed though so, if anyone wants to work on it, by all means, go for it. Expand it, scale it down, etc... NO TERRY TRAPS (please)

Also, it would be cool if the map stays recogniseable :D

It goes without saying that credits would be appreciated (especially towards cwolfru for those sexy archvile sprites he made)

Link contains the pk3 map, the raw file (the one you would use to edit it with) and a txt file with the credits + info

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