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Stupid Boom-Compatible Worm Proof-of Concept

What do you think?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think?

    • Stupid
    • Looks like shit
    • Unfit for Doom
    • Kinda cool, but likely not usable
    • Too much effort for such a small effect
    • The power of meh-ness compels me
    • It's cool
    • Cool enough to want to see in a future wad
    • It's cool and I'd kinda like to see it in the wad it was built for

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Idk if this is gonna make it into my current map, so I'm gonna post this as its own thread to give y'all something to laugh at.

This is retarded and has little-to-no purpose anywhere, but it's kinda funny to watch and surprising that it works.

To activate the cute little bugga, step straight ahead over the first line of candles; he is located in the middle of them.

Step on him to kill him because you're a horrible person.

He doesn't look completely perfect, but it's damn close and hilarious to watch.

I call him Earthworm Jimmy.

This requires a Boom format port, (I use PrBoom+ with the Doom 2 iWad and the SepTytex.wad resource pack from the Ty Tribute Project.


Here's the proof-of-concept: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5tx7z66phb55l8/Worms%20Hell%20Moving.zip?dl=0

Here's the resource pack:

Go grab a brew, sit down, and laugh at his inferior sector-based movement. Then share your thoughts here; I'd love to hear them.


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The worm looks like moving intestines and makes me wish my intestines were filled with worms, so I'd at least have an excuse to throw up while looking at this monstrosity Oh, we're not doing that anymore? Damn...

In all honesty, this is actually really cool, and I could see myself using this a lot to add atmosphere to maps. Stellar work, Fonze.

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Lol. Nice; thanks man.

I may try to incorporate this into the map I'm working on, but we've almost hit the line limit and as-is this would put us over that limit. We'll see...

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