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Doom 13-Page Spread on GameInformer

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Here's a link I found


the gameinformer guys actually went to id HQ to play Doom and there are snippets of the entire beginning of the game as you read along the spread. There's a lot of new details!

-You wake up out of a bunker realizing something isn't right. you walk across martian surface to enter a building and re-align a dish satellite.
-you walk around and come across an audio playing of a person saying that they've activated the teleporter among other shit
-walking away from this recording through a locker-room you find the chainsaw stuck in some d00d
-Game continues but not much more is given...
-Portal seen in the red room has a "heart" that can be ripped out to disengage the portal and not allow anymore demons through
-"Echo" are the cutscenes which can be watched (like the hellknight ripping off the two d00ds in the E3 demo)
-All guns are on the weapon wheel aside from chainsaw + bfg, they have seperate binds on the xb1 controller

ill add more as I read myself

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