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Doom/Ultimate Doom NIN Music Pack (2016)

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Hello all,

I put together a replacement pack for the original Doom/Ultimate Doom using nothing but NIN's Ghosts I-IV Album. Since this album was released under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA, we are free to use this music to play with.

I tried really hard to keep the tone of the original game. Meaning some of the faster more rock like songs are on the first episode. The second episode is a little more atmospheric and moody. The third is a mixture of both.

I thought this would be an interesting experiment given the long history with Trent and Doom. Hope you all enjoy!

Version 1.0


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Great idea man! This is an amazing album. Some time ago I started a single map inspired on Ghosts I-IV, but I totally forgot about the commons license. Now I'm more motivated to finish it.

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