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Resource Request

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I'm looking to further spice up the aesthetics of my map and convinced some little details can go a long way. Unfortunately I can't find what I'm looking for in Realm 667 and not sure how to go about creating my own.

I'm hoping someone has some of the resources and kindly willing to share them:
- Grass with transparent background or as a Thing to sit on the ground
- Vines hanging from the roof, again a suitable texture or Thing

There is probably more I have forgotten to mention however I will be thrilled to work with some of these like I have seen in other Wads such as Valiant and BD Starter Pack.

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Why don't you rip them off the wads where you've seen them in? (Plutonia 2, Vanguard, Valiant...)

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I suppose I could take them off wads, I just hate the tedious process of finding who to credit when often resources I find outside of Realm 667 aren't credited and a real pain to find. I suppose there may be credits inside the wad somewhere, or if they were made by the authors themselves I can request permission.

Thanks guys, I shall look into it. And cc4tex wad as well.

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