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DW Forum account registration dates

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Just noticed my registration date has wound backwards to '99. I guess Linguica must have reconciled/merged the accounts from the pre-VB and VB DB tables. Cheers Linguica!

(I'd have posted this in somewhere else, I was sure there was a DW-changes-catchall thread but I can't find it.)

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My reg date was reverted, then re-reverted, funnily enough. I posted two useless lines (which Ling recently dug up while doing e-archaeology) here in 2000, after that I gravitated towards Doom Legacy, DC, Skulltag and NewDoom until 8 years later. I'm not sure why I never posted anything for so long, but it's probably for the best - I know I made a lot of dumbass posts on Skulltag and I'm kinda glad they're gone![/a useless history of doomkid]

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Yeah, mine has been changed too. However only by a few months. I would never have noticed it had you not brought it up.

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